Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 11 - Rosemarie's Meadow - my favorite

I learnt from yesterday!  It turned out to be just the day that I had hoped it would be and that I would create.  A long wonderful dinner as breakfast.  Tuna and mashed potatoes never tasted this good.  I slowly hike along Bear Creek and as it gets warm, I stop and dip into the river.  Several times I put my clothes into the river and put them on wet - it keeps me cool.  I cross a river in my water shoes, it is too wide to hop across rocks and too deep to keep my shoes on.  And then I arrive in Rosemarie's Meadow.  What a gem.  I take my time to find the perfect, no PERFECT camp spot.  Pine needles, trees, stream, rocks and set up my tent.  Nobody else is around and the few people who pass me move on.  

I spent the rest of the day walking around the meadow, lying in the grass and watching the clouds, eating, taking photos, writing in my diary, eating and laughing with glee at this amazing spot in nature.  I plan to come back here during a shorter trip sometime and spend more time here - and show it to others who might love it as well.  This night is another first for me.  Instead of going out and back into my tent quickly - since it's cold and there are bears around, I take my time.  I stay out and look at the stars, moon and the meadow for a long time and take a few longer walks.  This place feels safe and at home.    I will have a hard time leaving tomorrow but I don't feel comfortable yet taking a complete day off - I rather hike shorter days but an sure that I covered some distance and can gage my progress.

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